We aim to become a leading player in our industry, setting new standards for excellence and innovation, all while maintaining our commitment to family values and building long-term relationships with our customers and partners. Our goal is to not only provide exceptional services and products, but also to be a responsible corporate citizen by prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility in all aspects of our operations.

Our Mission

Leverage our collective strengths, skills, and experiences, and by embracing innovation, quality, and sustainability in all aspects of our operations. We will focus on building long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, and partners, and we will always operate with honesty, integrity, and transparency. 

Our ultimate goal is to create a lasting legacy that not only benefits our customers, our company and community today, but also makes a positive impact on the planet. 

Board Members

Frantisek K

executive board member, CEO

Eva K

executive board member, COO

An engineer by profession and a seasoned entrepreneur with 30+ years of successfully running his own business.  As the Founder and Owner, Frantisek is the Chief Executive Officer

 Chief Operations Officer

Frank K

non-executive board member, advising on business strategy and organizational design

Frank brings 25+ experience in building, growing and leveraging diverse organizational capabilities, creating and leading strategic transformations with high value and degree of complexity across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Possesses core competencies in leading large cross-functional and international teams and bringing data-driven decision-making to reality.

Eva P

non-executive board member, advising on product innovation, design and development

Eva is a seasoned product strategist leveraging agile product development methodologies.

Shilpa K

non-executive board member, advising on service design and innovation

Shilpa brings 14+ years of experience in design management, complex project management using both agile and waterfall methodologies.  Great strengths in effective stakeholder management. She is a Design Thinking principles advocate and have successfully applied it in various engagements.

Marko P

non-executive board member, advising on strategy execution, e-commerce

Startup founder, e-commerce expert

What do we do?

Design Services

Design of medical and technical gas distribution systems for healthcare facilities and industrial manufacturing using CAD, REVIT, BIM.

Installation Services

Professional installation of medical and technical gas distribution systems and their integration with OEM products.

Statutory inspections and maintenance

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for safe operations of gas distribution systems.

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